• Guarantee a smooth interface between the European Commission and the consortium, in particular with the project officer.
  • Daily management of the project, technically as well as for legal, contractual or administrative issues within the consortium or with the European Commission.
  • Coordinate the dissemination activities towards the European Society.
  • Coordinating towards the technical communities.
  • Assess the possible options to take an industrial advantage of the technology solutions developed.
  • Identification of all possible exploitation opportunities.

Role of partners

  • UGR: Project and Dissemination coordinator.
  • STM: Exploitation manager. Exploitation as IC manufacturer.
  • GSS: Exploitation as SME.
  • SureCore: Exploitation as SME.
  • GU, CEA, INPG, IBM, KIST: Support coordination and dissemination.

Interaction with other WPs

  • Coordinate all other WPs