The Reminder (Revolutionary Embedded Memory for INternet of things Devices and Energy Reduction) project aims to develop an embedded DRAM solution optimized for ultra-low-power consumption and variability, especifically focused on Internet of Things cut-edge devices.
REMINDER aims to develop an embedded DRAM solution optimized for ultra-lowpower consumption and variability immunity, specically focused on Internet of Things cut-edge devices. REMINDER is based on three pillars.
The eventual replacement of Si by strained Si/SiGe and III-V materials in future CMOS circuits would also require the redesign of different applications, including memory cells, and therefore we also propose the evaluation of the optimized bit cells developed in pillar i) in FD28 and FD14 technology nodes using these alternative materials. In order to achieve these goals, we adopt a multiscale approach that enables us to determine the band structures and the memory mechanisms (Band-to-Band Tunnelling, carrier transport and generation-recombination) in semiconductor NWs with different materials and geometries (Si, sSi, Si/Si-Ge core-shell, and III-V).We will employ numerical tools at different levels from atomic-detail (DFT) to the eective mass approximation.


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The fourth joint EUROSOI-ULIS event will be hosted by the University of Granada in Granada, Spain. The focus of the ses sions is on SOI technology and advanced nanoscale devices. The organizing committee invites scientists and engineers  working in the above fields to actively participate by submitting high quality papers. Original 2-page abstracts with illustrations […]

REMINDER presentation at “La noche europea de los investigadores”, Granada

The REMINDER team at UGR had the opportunity to present the project to a large audience during the European Researcher Night (“La noche europea de los investigadores”) in Granada, a scientific outreach event organized to disseminate the research activities performed in UGR and other research institution in Granada,

ESSCIRC and ESSDERC 2016 conferences

ESSCIRC and ESSDERC 2016 conferences (Lausanne, Switzerland).

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Project announcement in Spanish media

The REMINDER project launch has been a news in the UGR press and received the attention of some Spanish news sites. Here are the links (in Spanish): UGR news site Ideal Granada Digital Info costa Tropical

REMINDER Website launches

The REMINDER website is now online. It contains the public information about the REMINDER project. It is meant as a medium for the dissemination of REMINDER project, results and achievements.